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Foot Care For Diabetics

For those who require additional care and attention to their feet. If you have a long term condition such as Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Peripheral Arterial Disease or Lymphoedema your feet may have extra needs and requirements.

Diabetic Foot Care

At Podiatry Plus we will carry out a full neurological, vascular assessment with a doppler, assess your skin and nail conditions. Foot function will also be assessed to ensure that vulnerable pressure areas are supported and protected.

Here at Podiatry Plus we feel prevention is key to ensure optimal foot health to keep you active to live the life you love. At your request we can forward a written copy of the assessment to your GP for information and for it to be added to your medical records.

Diabetic assessments can also be undertaken and inputted into your My Diabetes My Way record ensuring all health professionals involved in your care can view the results of this assessment. Any advice given will be tailored for your foot health to ensure the best outcome for you.