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Verruca Treatment

One of the most common treatments we offer at Podiatry Plus Scotland is verruca treatment. A verruca is a plantar wart that is most frequently found on the soles of the feet or in the toe area. They are most common in but are not limited to children and young adults and can be passed on simply by walking barefoot across the same surface as someone with a verruca. The virus that causes a verruca is harmless with the only issue being when the wart itself begins causing pain or discomfort. This typically only occurs when the verruca is located on a weight bearing area of the foot, but many people opt for verruca removal regardless of this to eliminate the chance of growth or spread and because they can be unsightly.

Verruca Removal

During your verruca consultation, one of our expert podiatrists will examine your plantar wart and guide you through your treatment options. We are the leading provider of verruca treatment in Edinburgh due to our use of the latest and most effective technology. At Podiatry Plus, we offer Swift microwave therapy which is a brand-new technology that has been developed in the UK and specifically designed for the use of verruca removal. Swift verruca treatment involves microwave energy which is applied to the skin through a probe and targets the affected tissue. Like many verruca treatments, you may experience some minor discomfort however this is only temporary, and you will be able to return to everyday life almost instantly. The number of sessions of microwave verruca treatment varies from patient to patient but one of our podiatrists will discuss this with you during your consultation.

If you wish to find out more about the various treatments available, then get in touch with our team today and we will be more than happy to discuss these with you. Alternatively, book a consultation where one of our podiatrists can offer advice which is more tailored to your specific needs. Our wealth of knowledge allows us to provide all types of verruca removals and makes us the leading provider of verruca treatment in Edinburgh.