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Gait Analysis

At Podiatry Plus Scotland, we use state of the art equipment which allows us to perform the leading 3D gait analysis in Edinburgh. Run 3D gait analysis is a method our podiatrists use to identify abnormalities in the foot function; essentially it is a non-evasive assessment of the way in which you walk and run. We attach small reflective markers to your body which are monitored using infrared cameras as you move. Our experts then use these positions to create a computerised model which highlights your joint angles as you move. Our specialist podiatrists can then use the information collected during the running gait analysis to understand the root of any musculoskeletal injuries and come up with solutions for our patients as to preventing them in the future.

Running Gait Analysis

It is common for the smallest of foot injuries to end up having a significant impact on the way we walk in the long run. The subtle change in the way we walk when experiencing foot pain can cause a chain reaction of alterations to our posture and walking mechanics. This can then lead to aches and pains as a result of these unnatural running and walking techniques. When receiving running gait analysis in Edinburgh, our podiatrists can help you to determine the biomechanical issues that started the problem in the first place and can help you devise a plan to ensure this does not become a recurring injury.

Where required, your expert podiatrists will prescribe custom made orthotics to ease any pain and correct imbalances. Orthotics are shoe inserts that aim to treat the complications you are experiencing with the way in which you walk and are completely tailored to the specific requirements of each patient. When combined with professional shoe advice and a rehabilitation programme, treatment of foot pain is much more effective and more likely to last into the future.