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At Podiatry Plus we offer a range of orthosis/insoles, from an off the shelf to a custom made device.

After your My Injury consultation your podiatrist will establish what type of device would suit you best to aid recovery. The use of prescription orthoses will result in changes in load pressures, function and encourages improvement in symptoms caused by functional abnormalities.

My Sidas

Our clinics offer a bespoke same day orthotic service which will enable you to start the recovery process straight away. Your Podiatrist will take you through the complete manufacturing process from taking an exact mould of your feet with our cutting-edge SIDAS system, make the orthosis and supply it to you. This allows us to keep all of our manufacturing in house and ensure that the end product to our high standards.

My Phits

We are the first clinic in Scotland that now offers Phits, the Worlds first high-tech 3D printed orthosis, based on your personal dynamic gait analysis. These orthtoics are taken from a dynamic scan that we take in the clinic and send direct to the printer in Belgium who will custom make your orthosis and return to us within 10 working days. Phits orthotics provide optimal efficiency, superior stability and extreme durability.