• Novion

Laser therapy is a very effective treatment that goes one step further in eliminating Onychomycosis (nail fungus).

Until recently, nail fungus was an embarrassing health problem with limited treatment options, disappointing results and uncomfortable side effects due to the consumption of oral fungicides or ineffective over the counter anti-fungal preparations.

Podylas laser works through the energy of light pulses; the first, state-of-the-art foot specific laser, penetrates through the nail, raising the temperature of micro-organisms and reaching deeper fungi, without damaging the surrounding tissue and without risk of recurrence or side effects. Laser therapy treatments are safe, comfortable and very fast.

Laser therapy can treat all forms of nail fungus found on the foot, providing a quick, pain-free treatment option without side effects and with long-lasting results. The treatment itself is painless and without downtime. Following laser therapy, you may resume normal activity without any discomfort or pain.

The Podylas laser will be completed over 2 months, this is broken down to 4 appointments every 2 weeks. This is the amount of appointments required to reach the best possible results