What is a Biomechanical Assessment?


Biomechanics is the study and analysis of gait and human movement. Here at Podiatry Plus we observe patients for any alterations in the optimum sequence of events between the foot, the lower limb, and the rest of the body during the walking (running, cycling, skiing etc) phase. Deviations from the optimum, can lead to heel pain, foot strain, ankle, knee, hip, lower back and neck pain.

During your assessment we use the latest technology to collect data and provide the most detailed biomechanical analysis available within minutes and assists in involving you in your assessment.

With the help of orthotic devices, we can help you to walk, run and Live the Life you Love without pain. Suitably qualified professionals like us are best placed to advise you on these issues, and because we are not a ‘retailer’ the patient is always our first priority. We only offer advice based on a clinical need, not a sales target.

If you plan on attending for a biomechanical examination please remember to bring;

  • Your favourite/everyday shoes
  • Your running/sports shoes
  • Any previous/old orthoses
  • A pair of shorts

At the end of your assessment a full written report will be made available to you, which will include all findings and may include copies  of images taken as part of the assessment.

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