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  • My Growing Feet

    The rate of growth of children’s feet varies and they each have their own unique characteristics. Early assessment and treatment of children’s feet is something we can offer.

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  • Simply Toenails

    Here at Podiatry Plus we understand that some patients may simply require their toe nails cut.

    During your 15 minute appointment, we can take care of this for you.

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  • Elderly Foot Care

    Podiatry Plus Scotland are skilled in providing routine foot care to avoid developing problems that could stop you in your tracks.

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  • Diabetic Foot Care

    Your doctor should send you for an anual foot screening to assess how the feet are being effected and identify any risks before they further develop.

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  • Nail Care

    Podiatry plus scotland are able to treat all manner of nails, from simple nail care and cutting to using the latest equiptment.

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